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      DDCLS’20會議的論文集出版和論文收錄檢索工作將仍按原計劃時間進行,預計IEEE Xplore收錄論文的時間在202011月份左右。

      請您隨時關注會議網站http://www.topfyb.cn/ 及時獲取更多的會議信息。如果您有任何問題請您與會務組聯系,secretary_ddcls@163.com 。










      Due to the worldwide COVID-19 pandemic, it is still risky to hold a large-scale even at present in China. In order to ensure the health and safety of participants and to avoid massive people gathering and movement, the organizing committee of DDCLS’20 decides to postpone the 2020 IEEE 9th Data Driven Control and Learning Systems Conference (DDCLS’20) to November 20th-22nd, 2020. The deadline for final paper submission and paper registration is extended to June 25th, 2020. And anyone who wants to attend DDCLS’20 in Liuzhou can register at any time before the new conference date. The instruction for registration and final paper submission can be found at http://www.topfyb.cn/gxkjdxhywzywz/Information_for_Authors.htm .

      Securing the health and safety of participants is the most important priority in conference decision-making. On this basis, the organizing committee expects that DDCLS’20 will be hold in traditional face-to-face format on the new dates, such that the participants can fully communicate with others. In consideration of overseas spread of COVID-19 and the uncertainties in epidemic prevention and control policy by Chinese government, the organizing committee is also preparing to hold the conference in a hybrid format (in-person + online) by slightly utilizing remote or virtual methods.

      The publication of DDCLS’20 conference proceedings and indexing of accepted papers by the databases will be conducted according the original time schedule. It is anticipated that the conference papers will be included in the IEEE Xplore after this November.

      Please visit DDCLS’20 website http://www.topfyb.cn/gxkjdxhywzywz/index.htm for more conference information. If you have any question please contact with us by email, secretary_ddcls@163.com.

      Thanks for your continuing support and understanding. Looking forward to see you in Liuzhou!



                                             DDCLS’20 Organizing Committee

                                                                                        CAC Technical Committee on Data Driven Control, Learning and Optimization

                                                                                                                                                                                                                           June 8th, 2020